Workday Culture is at the heart of digital transformation

Digital transformation needs the right corporate culture, guided by inspirational leaders. This is according to Workday’s CTO EMEA, Oliver McKenna, who spoke at a webinar this week on how to accept the digital transformation. “Technology-enabled organisational change is aided by a philosophy of agility.” 

He claims that the most difficult aspect of a digital transformation program is getting underway. “You have two options for where to start. You might begin by concentrating on the customer and the best ways to service and produce the product. Alternatively, you may start from inside and change the organisation, which is suggested.”

Workday prioritises individuals, according to McKenna, “since we believe that by creating an atmosphere where customers feel linked, engaged, and motivated, the customer experience can improve.” You can get this Workday HCM Training course that aids you in mastering the workday concepts like basic navigation, including business objects, landing pages, search, related action menus, slide-out tabs, single and multi-select prompt fields, hyperlinks, actionable reports, additional navigation topics, etc. 

South African businesses, he believes, have pockets of transition excellence and creativity: “Some of the digital transformations that businesses are implementing in South Africa have astounded me.”

He went on to say that success necessitates a “metabolic rate that is higher”. “An organization’s energy and stamina are needed to raise its game. We may either be affected by transition or actively participate in it. CIOs, CHROs, and CFOs have a unique chance to be at the forefront of this transformation.”

McKenna drew attention to some of the real-world issues that every aspect of the industry is grappling with right now. “CFOs are thinking of market strategies, vulnerabilities, and prospects, and they’re asking themselves, “How can we manage the money we have? Do we pull back or do we spend more?”

“How do we reshape ourselves for tomorrow, asks HR? HR is based on whether they have the best expertise they really need tomorrow and how they are doing as a people organisation, with skills becoming the currency for modern organizations. Equality is now a must-have for any company, and HR is thinking about ways to provide an atmosphere where individuals can work at their best regardless of their context. 

“The CIO is thinking about ways to rewire systems to work in days and weeks rather than months and years, and he’s asking: How can we rethink technology distribution designed to steer the company forward more quickly?”

McKenna established seven characteristics of digital culture:

  1. Constant re-calibration: faster cycles of plan-execute-analyze to make better decisions more quickly
  2. Execute in the now: Smooth operation and dismantle silos in real-time.
  3. Using the whole picture, you will reduce uncertainty: Bring individuals and corporate data together in an open and connected environment.
  4. Rewire processes in days: enabling entrepreneurs to move more quickly.
  5. Shaping a newer future: Using data to execute scenarios for actionable insights is a great way to get started.
  6. Boost human productivity: Embrace technology to alleviate the monotony of jobs, and use machine learning to aid workers and improve human efficiency.
  7. Measuring the impact of the real world: Set objectives and benchmarks, then monitor the progress and make adjustments if needed.

Workday Enterprise Management Cloud, with its centralized data center and adaptable architecture, enables integrated spend management, financial management, and human resource management, according to him. The AI/ML-powered platform allows for agile reporting, analytics, and planning.

Latest Digital Transformation Capabilities of Workday

Workday also announced the addition of new orchestration, data, and logic technologies to its Workday Extend approach, intending to assist organizations in their attempts to accelerate digital transformation and unlock new market value, enhance employee engagement, and increase organizational agility.

Workday claims that the new feature allows for higher-value applications that boost employee productivity while still connecting Workday data to third-party systems. Customers will now optimize their IT stack and keep their financial and HR details more stable, allowing them to get the most out of their current infrastructure investments with the least amount of risk.

“Workday says that the new functionality enables higher-value apps that increase employee productivity while also allowing Workday data to be shared with third-party systems. Customers will now be able to leverage their IT stack while still keeping their financial and HR data more secure, enabling them to get the best out of their existing infrastructure investments while minimizing risk” says Jim Stratton, Workday’s CTO.

“Workday Extend bridges the gap between IT demands and capability, allowing businesses to safely and comfortably keep up with the rapid speed of change.” 

Workday Orchestrate is also included with a Workday Extend subscription as a result of the update. This ensures that software developers can integrate Workday and third-party applications to orchestrate finance and people processes.

“Thanks to our team’s experience with Workday technologies and faith in their governance model, we were able to build and launch full Workday Extend applications in just a few weeks.,” says Eric Chung, Sun Life’s HR manager for technology innovation.

“Since we can reuse existing data structures and design patterns, Workday app creation is quick and secure.”

According to Krishna, Netflix’s people technology manager, the latest upgrades have given the organization more versatility.

“We were able to create an employee self-service stock app using Workday Extend, which has assisted us in streamlining the stock enrollment process and reducing stock option-related questions for the finance team,” says the development’s Gundihithlu.

“We can confidently spin up new applications like this to satisfy our particular needs and get more value from our Workday commitment because we can use the protection and privacy controls inside Workday’s trusted business management cloud.”

Mickey North Rissa, vice president of IDC’s enterprise applications and digital commerce program, says: “Workday Extend, which includes the latest Workday Orchestrate and also data and logic features, puts the enterprise on a new path by allowing customers to use Workday to help them drive their digital transition”.

“The aim is to increase the importance of Workday’s people and finance data and processes for consumers and stakeholders alike, and Workday has accomplished this with today’s announcement.”


This blog addressed the measures on improving the workday culture for digital transformation. Oliver McKenna has addressed the seven key aspects that would help you in handling the workday culture. You can crack the opportunities quickly on a workday to improve your professional career with this Workday Online Training.

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