Why Choose a Dedicated Server For Your Hosting Business Customers in Germany?


Are you still using only shared hosting for your customers? Do your German customers frequently complain about web resource outages? Do not worry because we have the best solution for your business. 

A dedicated server answers all your web hosting business issues that you are going through for your German business. This type of server is best suitable for high-traffic websites. The complete separation of web resources in such server hostings leads to better website performance for each of your business customers. Therefore, now in this article, you will get insights into choosing a Dedicated Server in Germany for your web hosting business and it will help you in handling your customer’s businesses too.

4 Signs You Need a Germany Dedicated Server for Your Hosting Business

Shifting from one server to another or adding a high-quality server to your hosting business may sound complex. But you must trust us when we say a physically installed single-tenant server can make your business fly. Look at the indications below that your hosting business needs a Dedicated Server in Germany for reliable and stable network connections.

  • Demand For Better Security

A shared server is known to distribute the web resources like RAM, storage space, bandwidth, etc., among various websites. This sometimes leaves the websites vulnerable to cyber threats. If your clients have started raising concerns about the safety of their data, then this might be a strong indication for you to offer them a secured server, and a Germany Dedicated Server gives a high level of security. 

  • High Pressure of Increased Traffic

High-traffic websites have an increased visitor count, which eventually needs scalability options. The clients with higher visitor counts cannot handle their traffic with shared resources. If your client’s business is growing rapidly, then so should your web hosting business too. A dedicated server will facilitate a smooth user experience for their website traffic in Germany.

  • The Problem of Poor Load Time

A poor load time is the result of poor uptime or bad network connectivity. In any case, your clients are the ultimate loser as their website traffic diverges the second there is a slowdown. Shared server hosting comes with a limitation on web resources, but the German dedicated server hosting plans don’t. Scalability is the solution to this problem which is unfortunately not available with a shared setting.

  • Clients Want Complete Access

Full root access with shared hosting is impossible due to the fact that it is a multi-tenant server hosting. Your client may ask you for full root access to have the freedom of software installation and removal. This type of access is easily available when you buy a dedicated server in Germany.

Why Dedicated Server Germany is a Good Option For Web Hosting Customers?

Why Dedicated Server Germany is a Good Option For Web Hosting Customers

A single-tenant server like this is actually the need of the hour. The rapid rise in web businesses has led to fierce competition among websites. Only the best can prevail in such a cut-throat competition. Dedicated server plans play an important role in taking the business to a new height in Germany. You can completely satisfy your client with high-powered RAM, disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, and latest gen technology.

Reliable Performance

The performance of a website is much better with a dedicated server as compared to a share one. The biggest reason behind this enhanced performance is the physical separation on the server. The separation allows the client to fully utilize the web resources, leading to better uptime. 

The visitors of a dedicated hosting website don’t face any slowdown. The port speed of such hostings is also very commendable. Due to the fast data transmission between the server and the user, dedicated servers in Germany help in improving SEO rankings in terms of page speed. This hosting is accompanied by a smart client service team that resolves any technical issue related to the service just in time.

Data Security And Privacy 

If your clients are entering into big markets and have large data sets at work, then a dedicated server Germany is the best option. Such single-tenant servers are a pro at handling complex tasks and large data. You can assure your client of utmost data security with this type of hosting, as there is no distribution of resources. 

An essential point to note here is that you can offer your client automated server monitoring. This monitoring prevents any unforeseen cyber threat or attack. The manual part of the server, i.e., the customer support team, walks hand in hand with the automated system to check and resolve any technical issue before it becomes a big problem.

Maximum Control and no Limitation

A single-tenant server offers complete root access to the client. This level of freedom is not available with a shared server. A client may require complete root access to take better control of the software and applications on his/her server. A client may also choose to scale up the web resources if the website faces higher than usual traffic. 

This feature is very special as you don’t need to disappoint your client every time they ask for upgradation in web resources. This is a major missing point in a shared server where the resources are limited, and there is no scope for scalability. But you will get this feature in a cheap Dedicated server package in Germany.


Choose a Germany-dedicated server if you want to run a successful web hosting business and satisfy the requirements of your clients at the same time. Shared hosting cannot facilitate enhanced security, better scalability, and faster data transmission. Make sure you have all of these specifications when you buy a dedicated server in Germany.

If the web business of your clients is growing rapidly then you must consider purchasing cheap dedicated server services in Germany for your clients.


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