What is the difference between the form and content of HCIE and CCIE certification?

Today, we will briefly talk to you about the differences in the form and content of HCIE and CCIE certification.

  1. The exam design is different.

CCIE introduced interviews in early 2010, but due to the cost of examiners and the complexity of scoring, it was forced to cancel after 6 months. According to the difficulty score, the HCIE score is 6 points, and the CCIE score is 0 points.

 1) First of all, the cost of the comprehensive interview is very high, at least 3 high-level expert lecturers are required, and the time is 8*5 work, which is also difficult in Cisco’s view.

 2) The comprehensive interview is one of the most attractive aspects of the HCIE exam. This is the biggest difference from the CCIE exam. Huawei emphasizes that HCIE is an expert in the industry. To become a true expert, you must first make up your mind. Calm down and prepare solidly. It is best not to have any chance of luck, otherwise this part of the interview will make you lose all your efforts.

 3) The comprehensive interview is very difficult. The interview examines the candidate’s ability to master the principles of technical protocols and network architecture. Only the back-to-back version can pass in Cisco, which is not allowed in Huawei. It is a reward for every hard work. The author thinks this method is actually very great. For candidates who really want to improve their technology and get certificates and high salaries that can really prove their strength, Huawei’s HCIE is a boon.

 4) But a comprehensive interview occasionally brings trouble to candidates. The interview is a face-to-face communication and assessment. In addition to the original technical ability of the candidates, there are many objective and subjective factors that will affect the results of the exam, such as the luck component of the interview questions, the degree of tension of the candidates, and the degree of adaptation to the interview environment., the candidate’s ability to express, the ability to use tools, and the tone of communication between the two parties will lead to some deviations in the test results. But who can prove that 100% exists, so if the interview accuracy rate is controlled at 95%, it is a perfect interview.

 5) There are 3 interview questions. The first question is to examine the candidate’s understanding of technology or protocol principles. The second question is to examine the candidate’s understanding of network design and architecture. You need to understand network design architecture and have certain project experience. Question 3 examines in LAB, why use this method to solve the problem? Avoid rote memorizing test solutions.

 6) If the answer to the 3 questions is perfect, the basic examiner will not ask other questions. If your answer is not very satisfactory to the examiner, then they will continue to ask questions. Determine whether this question should give you a pass or fail based on your performance. Each examiner will score each question you answer. If the examiner thinks you pass two or more questions, then the overall score he will give you is pass, otherwise it is fail.

 7) The overall score evaluation criteria for passing the interview. Among the three examiners participating in the interview, the results given by more than two examiners are pass, and the interview score of the candidate is pass, otherwise it is fail.

  1. Exam interface

 1) The form of the comprehensive interview is that candidates meet three examiners face-to-face, or conduct a question-and-answer method through Huawei telepresence video conference. Three examiners take turns to answer questions. Sometimes, because one examiner cannot attend the meeting, the result will be given through video review.


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