What Happened to Marcus Mariota? Read All Relevant Facts Here!

What Happened to Marcus Mariota?

Marcus Mariota of the former Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota found a home with Philadelphia Eagles after being released by Atlanta Falcons, signing on with them as backup for Jalen Hurts and making Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman confident with him and what depth they add to Philadelphia Eagles offense.

Mariota, known for his outstanding athleticism and agility, makes for an ideal complement for the Eagles’ offensive approach. Should Hurts be sidelined, Mariota’s established track record as a reliable NFL starter would serve the Eagles well. However, with Mariota’s history of injuries, the question of his durability if pressed into a starting role is still a concern.

Current Role of Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota currently makes his home with the Philadelphia Eagles, lending his diverse experience. Since beginning his professional career, Mariota has played on various NFL teams such as Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders and Atlanta Falcons; during this journey he faced challenges such as injuries or being released by teams while remaining resilient through it all.

Marcus Mariota: Still Making Waves in the NFL

Yes, Marcus Mariota remains an important player in the NFL despite losing his starting job to Desmond Ridder and getting released by Las Vegas Raiders on February 28, 2023. Mariota’s football career wasn’t over just then though! He’s currently with the Philadelphia Eagles, looking to reclaim his standing in the league. His latest stint offers a new platform to demonstrate his skills and bolster the Eagles’ quarterback lineup. Thus, Mariota continues to make his presence felt in the NFL.

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Marcus Mariota’s Faith

Mariota considers himself to be Christian rather than Mormon; though not an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Still, he maintains strong links within Mormon circles and spoke highly of their beliefs in an interview conducted with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Mariota underscored in an FCA interview the significance of glorifying God through sports while keeping family close; faith remains integral in his life.

Who is Marcus Mariota?

Marcus Ardel Taulauniu Mariota (known by his nickname) is an American football quarterback currently playing for Philadelphia Eagles of NFL in 2015. Prior to this he served as University of Oregon starting quarterback from 2012 – 2014. In 2015 NFL Draft, Tennessee Titans selected Marcus Mariota with second overall pick as 2nd pick overall in 2015 NFL Draft draft selection process.

Mariota persevered despite his benching during 2019 with the Titans, moving onto Las Vegas Raiders as backup for Derek Carr before joining Atlanta Falcons and eventually Philadelphia Eagles as his team of choice.

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