What Happened to Azula? All Facts You Should Know!

Who is Azula?

Azula, a gifted firebender and the younger sibling of Prince Zuko, is one of the most enthralling characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Her life took a sharp turn when her father, Ozai, designated her as the Fire Lord. With pre-existing traces of narcissism and paranoia, her mental health took a downward spiral, culminating in a complete psychological collapse. Following a battle with Zuko and Katara, she lost her title and was subsequently admitted into a psychiatric facility for treatment.

A Temporary Alliance with Team Avatar

Azula’s story didn’t end there. In the sequel comic story, The Search, Azula was temporarily released by Zuko in a bid to find their mother, Ursa. Despite her unstable mental state, Azula’s unique insights made her an asset to Zuko’s quest, leading to her temporary membership in Team Avatar. But Azula’s obsession with her mother and blaming her for all her woes, including her friends’ betrayal, led to another confrontation between her and her family. This culminated in her fleeing into the night, despite Zuko’s attempts to help.

Azula Returns in Smoke and Shadow

In the comic series Smoke and Shadow, Azula resurfaced as the leader of a group of firebenders she had freed from the mental institution. Seemingly more stable than before, Azula manipulated a plot to test Zuko’s leadership, staying in the shadows and setting herself as his secret advisor. Although her methods were questionable, her intentions seemed to be aimed at strengthening Zuko’s rule, showing a shift in her character’s dynamics.

Voice Actress Grey DeLisle’s Portrayal of Azula

Azula’s complex character was brought to life by the talented voice actress, Grey DeLisle. In interviews, DeLisle has often expressed her admiration for Azula, acknowledging the complexity and depth of the character. Her portrayal of Azula added another layer of nuance to the character, making her one of the most memorable and iconic characters in the series.

Azula in the Spirit Temple

Dark Horse Comics, in collaboration with Avatar Studios, has continued the narrative of the Avatar universe through graphic novels. Their latest offering, “Azula in the Spirit Temple,” penned by Faith Erin Hicks, delves into Azula’s character post-Avatar: The Last Airbender. Azula, now challenging Zuko’s rule in the Fire Nation, takes refuge in a mysterious forest temple after a failed attack, setting the stage for her to confront her past and possibly find redemption.

Age of Azula

In the animated series, Azula is depicted as a teenager, with her age estimated to be around 14 or 15 years old. However, in her comic book sequels and subsequent graphic novels, Azula’s age remains unclear. Instead, the focus lies on her character development and the struggles she faces.

Anticipation for Azula’s Solo Story

With the release date for “Azula in the Spirit Temple” set for September 26, 2023, fans of the Avatar universe are eagerly waiting to witness Azula’s character evolution. The promise of an engaging plot and a potential redemption arc has added to the anticipation. This graphic novel not only promises to deepen our understanding of Azula but also continue the rich storytelling that made the original series a beloved classic.

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