What Benefits Come With Holding an MA Degree?

Are you a BA graduate who is struggling to land a decent job? Or are you an arts student who is willing to pursue higher education? In both scenarios, earning a Master of Arts degree can be a fulfilling and very helpful step towards career and personal development. Additionally, in the current work environment, individuals are always looking for methods to further their education and diversify their skill set.

Because of this, we are making a small effort with this blog to familiarise you with the benefits of having a degree from the MA colleges in Bhopal and highlight the profound effect it can have on your career.

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Master of Arts- Course Overview

A Master of Arts is a postgraduate degree and is given to students who complete a programme of study in the humanities and social sciences. And, as the best private university in Bhopal, Mansarovar Global University grants an M.A. in a variety of fields.

Course Highlights

To learn some important facts about the MA degree of Mansarovar Global University, please refer to the table below:

Level of Education Postgraduate
Course Duration 2 years
Course Format Yearly Mode
M.A. SubjectsPublic Administration, History, Economics, Political Science, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Geography, Sociology, Home Science, Education, Psychology, Physical Education, Rural Development, Social Work, Public Health, and Rural Science.
Admission Procedure Merit-Based

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must meet the following requirements to get admitted to Mansarovar Global University, one of the prestigious MA colleges in Bhopal:

  • Complete a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised board.
  • Obtain a minimum aggregate of 50% in the Bachelor’s level of education. A 5% relaxation is given to the reserved-category candidates.

Benefits of Holding an MA Degree

The fact that a Master’s degree gives you a deeper understanding of your topic of study is probably the finest part about earning one. However, there are also additional advantages of earning a degree from the MA colleges in Bhopal.

Hence, let us examine a few of them in the following points:

Better Career Prospects

The enhanced work chances and better prospects that an MA degree gives are two of its main advantages. A greater degree of education, advanced knowledge, and specialist experience are also requirements for many industries and professions. Additionally, MA graduates are frequently chosen above their counterparts because of the superior degree of skill and expertise in their profession which is shown by their additional education.

Increased Earning Potential

It is well known that those with more education typically make more money than those who merely have a bachelor’s degree. Thus, acquiring an MA from the top universities in MP can greatly increase earning potential by opening doors to executive-level positions and high-paying jobs. Based on sources, a fresh MA graduate can anticipate earning roughly INR 4.5–5 LPA in big cities. However, several factors, including location, employer, sector, and skills usually affect the compensation of an MA graduate.

Personal Growth and Development

Not only does earning an MA help one’s career, but it also provides an opportunity for personal growth and development. Additionally, the MA courses frequently involve challenging coursework, research, and critical thinking, giving students access to priceless skills like analytical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. The pursuit of a Master’s degree also promotes perseverance, self-control, and time management– all of which mandate personal development.

Intellectual Stimulation and Lifelong Learning

An MA degree from the best arts colleges in Bhopal provides a stimulating environment for lifelong learning. Additionally, exposure to many viewpoints, theories, and arguments develops critical thinking abilities and broadens perspectives. Moreover, holding an MA frequently makes individuals eligible for teaching and research roles, allowing them to actively contribute to their field of study.

Prospects for Networking

An additional advantage of having an MA is the networking opportunities it offers. The MA programmes frequently draw ambitious, highly motivated people from a variety of backgrounds, fostering a vibrant professional community. Moreover, developing friendships with professors, fellow students, and alumni can result in lifelong alliances and beneficial contacts. Networking can further lead to partnerships, mentorships, job placements, internships, and other opportunities that are frequently difficult to find on their own.

Ability to Change Careers

A master’s degree in arts can help you if you are thinking about changing careers. Additionally, several MA colleges in Bhopal welcome students with backgrounds unrelated to their UG major, giving people the option to select a new profession to advance their knowledge and skills.

To Summarise

Numerous advantages can result from holding an MA, including better networking opportunities, more earning potential, and improved professional chances. Also, the pursuit of degrees from the MA colleges in Bhopal fosters intellectual stimulation and lifelong learning, encouraging a mindset of ongoing improvement. Overall, earning an MA can be a wise investment that advances careers, opens opportunities, and provides people with the education and training necessary to succeed in their chosen fields.


  1. Are there any specific industries that highly value an MA degree?

An MA is highly recognised in multiple industries, including research, education, marketing, communications, international relations, etc. The degree can also unlock opportunities for advancement in these industries.

2. Which MA specialisation has a wider scope?

Each MA speciality provides individuals with one-of-a-kind chances and has outstanding global breadth. However, a person’s tastes will determine which MA course is ideal.

3. Is earning an MA financially worthwhile?

Yes, earning an MA can pay well financially. Also, when compared to those with merely a bachelor’s degree, people with an MA often make more money.

4. What employment pathways are open to MA in History graduates?

Some of the best job profiles for MA (History) freshers are:

  • History Professor
  • Tourist Guide
  • Archaeologist
  • Social Worker
  • Historian
  • Librarian

5. What is the average course fee of MA colleges in Bhopal?

The average tuition fee of MA colleges in Bhopal is between INR 40,000–45,000 each year. However, as the course pricing schedule is subject to change each year, you must carefully review it.

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