Unlocking the Secrets of an Exciting Campus Life at Cheran Group

The Cheran Group of Institutions is listed among the best colleges in Tirupur for giving its students a remarkable educational experience and a dynamic on-campus life. Additionally, this group of institutions guarantees that students obtain comprehensive growth and lifelong memories during their time there with cutting-edge facilities, a diverse student body, and a variety of interesting activities.

Given such characteristics, this blog is our modest attempt to reveal the secrets that make campus life at the Cheran Group of Institutions genuinely intriguing.

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Know about the Cheran Group of Institutions

Established in 1991, the Cheran Group of Institutions has been providing education for more than 32 years. With over 200 staff members and almost 1500 students enrolled, the group consists of some of the leading private colleges in Coimbatore namely-

  • Cheran College of Pharmacy
  • Cheran College of Nursing
  • Cheran College of Physiotherapy
  • Cheran College of Technology
  • Cheran College for Women
  • Cheran Arts and Science College
  • SMS College of Arts and Science

List of Courses offered by the Cheran Group of Institutions

With a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programmes, the Cheran Group of Institutions has turned out to be one of the best colleges in Tirupur. Some of those courses are mentioned here:

UG CoursesBBABA (Tamil and English) BScBComBPTBSc (Nursing)BE {Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security)}B.PharmaBCA
PG CoursesMBAMSWMScMPTM.PharmaM.Com (Computer Applications)MA (Journalism and Mass Communication)
Ph.D. CoursesDoctor of PharmacyPh.D. in TamilPh.D. in Computer SciencePh.D. in Commerce Ph.D. in Visual Communication

Discovering the Campus Life of Cheran Group of Institutions

The Cheran Group of Institutions’ campus boasts top-notch infrastructure and is easily accessible to all amenities, thereby including them among the best colleges in Tirupur. The facility offers everything, including sufficient security and high-speed internet. Let us explore the various elements that contribute to the vibrant campus life of the Cheran Group of Institutions:

Academic Excellence and Innovative Programmes

The Cheran Group of Institutions is dedicated to academic quality and provides a wide selection of cutting-edge programmes in many subject areas. This set of institutions’ faculty is made up of seasoned experts who use interactive teaching techniques and provide a lively learning atmosphere. Moreover, these institutions include some of the greatest private colleges in Tamilnadu, where students receive a thorough education to foster critical thinking and practical skills whether they are studying engineering, nursing, commerce, or the arts and sciences.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Outstanding facilities are one of the keys to the Cheran Group of Institutions’ vibrant campus life. For a seamless educational experience, the set of institutions includes well-equipped labs, contemporary libraries, spacious classrooms, and cutting-edge technology. The campus also features hostels with nice lodging, ensuring students have a relaxing and educational stay.

Diverse Student Community

The Cheran Group of Institutions takes great pleasure in its multicultural student body, which consists of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. As a result of this diversity, a welcoming environment that values many viewpoints and promotes cross-cultural relationships is fostered. As the best private colleges in Tamilnadu, this group of institutions offers a setting for students to accept and value diversity while making lifetime friends through cultural events and student groups.

Engaging Extracurricular Activities

The Cheran Group of Institutions’ campus life goes beyond the classroom by providing a wide range of extracurricular activities to meet the interests of all students. In addition, several clubs and societies, sports, cultural activities, the performing arts, debates, and other activities are available to students. Along with giving people a way to express themselves, these activities also encourage teamwork, leadership, and personal development.

Career Guidance and Placement

Comprehensive career coaching and placement assistance are also necessary for a dynamic campus life. Therefore, the Cheran Group of Institutions, among the prestigious colleges in Tirupur, works with notable companies and industries to give students internship opportunities and exposure to real-world situations. The institution’s placement cell also helps students with their job hunt by setting up campus recruitment drives and guiding them to excel in job interviews.

Social Impact Initiatives

The Cheran Group of Institutions is committed to improving society. Additionally, students learn the value of giving back to society and forge a strong sense of social responsibility through a variety of social activities and outreach programmes. These endeavours not only improve the lives of those in need, but they also provide pupils with a better awareness of their surroundings.

To Summarise

The Cheran Group of Institutions offers students a unique campus life experience that extends beyond academics, giving them an engaging and transforming college experience. The Cheran Group of Institutions, which includes the best colleges in Tirupur, focuses on academic excellence, cutting-edge facilities, a diverse student body, extracurricular activities, and career guidance. As a whole, this creates the ideal environment for students to realise their full potential and lay the groundwork for a prosperous future.


  1. What distinguishes the Cheran Group of Institutions from other institutions?

The Cheran Group of Institutions is distinguished by its dedication to academic excellence, industry-relevant curriculum, qualified teachers, sophisticated facilities, and all-encompassing approach to student development. Also, these elements guarantee that students attending the best colleges in Tirupur get a well-rounded education.

2. How can I apply for admission to the Cheran Group of Institutions?

Visit the Cheran Group of Institutions’ website and follow the given instructions to submit an admission application. Refer to the individual guidelines offered for each course as the application procedure may differ based on the programme you are interested in.

3. Do the best colleges in Tirupur provide transport services?

Among the best colleges in Tirupur, the Cheran Group of Institutions offers first-rate travel options. They offer 10 buses for staff members and student transport at a reasonable price.

4. Who is the founder of the Cheran Group of Institutions?

An industrialist and philanthropist, Mr. K.C. Palanisamy founded the Cheran Group of Colleges in 1991 to provide students with a high standard of education. Moreover, the group of institutions has various colleges under it and is affiliated with Bharathiar University.

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