The business arena of today’s world is expanding massively and as per data overall employment in business and financial occupations is expected to grow by 7% from 2021 to 2030. This in turn is spawning about 715,000 new jobs in the upcoming decade. The stupendously expanding career pool of the business world demands a great number of skilled business management and administration professionals. This demand is the catch chain for BBA graduates and it is high time for students to take up BBA.

But, to pursue a BBA most top colleges consider entrance exams for admission. Entrance exam for BBA in Maharashtra and other states are expected by top management colleges in India. Let us know more about BBA Entrance exams and much more.

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Glimpse into the course – Bachelor of Business Administration:

Full FormBachelor of Business Administration
Course DescriptionThe BBA course is focused on developing the skill sets required for the business kingdom, which includes accountancy, economics, marketing, administration, and management.
Course LevelUndergraduate level
Duration3 years
Eligibility criteriaCandidates should have completed 10+2 or equivalent in any recognized educational institution.Candidates should have scored at least 50% aggregate marks in 10+2 under any stream i.e., science, arts, and commerce.Candidates should be a minimum of 17 years of age and have no maximum age limit. In case of lateral entry, candidates should have completed a 3-year diploma course in relevant streams like management, commerce, or economics.
Admission procedureThe BBA Admission process is either merit-based or entrance-based. Certain colleges provide merit-based admissions considering 10+2 marks while certain other top colleges such as Universal AI University consider their own entrance exam namely UBSAT for admission to BBA.

BBA Entrance Exams in India:

BBA Entrance exams in India are conducted both by the government and private bodies.

Some of the prominent entrance exams conducted by government bodies or government colleges which are considered by top colleges are as follows:

BBA Entrance Exam by Government Body/CollegesFull formConducted By
CUETCentral Universities Entrance TestNational Testing Agency (NTA) under the Ministry of Education (MoE)
IP MATIntegrated Program in Management Aptitude TestIIM Indore

On the other hand, top colleges such as Universal AI University and others conduct their own BBA entrance exams and provide admission. The entrance exam for BBA in Maharashtra at Universal AI University is UBSAT (UBS Aptitude Test).

If you are one of the aspiring students to take up the BBA entrance exam that will help you get admission at top colleges such as Universal AI University, the leading best university in Maharashtra and others, then it is time for you to know the dos and don’ts to take up the BBA Entrance exam.

BBA Entrance Exam – Dos and Don’ts:

Every entrance exam requires a specific kind of study module and practice which will help you clear and so does the BBA entrance exam to the best university in Maharashtra and other states.

As per data provided by NTA, every year around 3 lakh students take up BBA entrance exams while only 27% make it out of it. The massive failure rate happens due to a lack of dos and don’ts knowledge and we are here to break this rate.

Dos of the BBA Entrance Exam:

Tip 1: Apply for the relevant BBA entrance exam on time without delay.

A wide range of colleges conduct BBA entrance exams. So choose the apt ones for you to apply at the right time.

Tip 2: Know your syllabus

This is a very important do for the BBA Entrance exam. Know your syllabus by going through the syllabus provided on applying for the exam.

Analyse and assess the syllabus to identify your strong areas and weak areas to study accordingly.

Tip 3: Create a study schedule

To get a clear idea of the syllabus, plan your study schedule wherein you give more importance to your weaker and tougher areas. Allocate deadlines for completing a portion of the syllabus and try to adhere to it.

Include multiple repetitive sessions for revision purposes.

Tip 4: Practice model question papers

Search for a series of model question papers and previous year’s question papers and try solving them. This will help you identify the parts where you still lag and help you work on it.

Tip 5: Take up mock tests

Once done with revision and practice sessions, go for mock tests wherein you will get the chance to face a wide range of questions which will prepare you for better performance.

Tip 6: Time Management

Practice time management along the study schedule, revision and practice sessions by understanding the exam pattern and preparing for better.

Considering these tips will help you clear BBA entrance exams and seek admissions to top BBA colleges in Maharashtra and other states.

Don’ts of the BBA Entrance Exam:

When it comes to don’ts, it is very simple as follows:

  • Don’t rely on local resources, always go for standard resources for study materials for preparation.
  • Don’t neglect time management, as it is one of the important factors for performing well in the entrance exam for BBA in Maharashtra and other states.
  • Don’t ignore the syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Don’t neglect to assess and identify your weaker sections.
  • Don’t ignore your revision and practice sessions as they are the strengthening point for your exams.
  • Don’t take the English language session for granted as it holds a major play in increasing the difficulty of the exam paper

Finally, don’t panic during the exam. Stay calm and you can get your BBA seat at top colleges such as Universal AI University, the best private university in Maharashtra and other colleges.


Final words here, entrance exam for BBA in Maharashtra and other states are taken up by a huge number of students. Yet, few make their way into it. If you want to be one among them, then hope this article will help you through. Try following these dos and don’ts and succeed in your BBA entrance exam.


  1. What exams to give after the 12th for BBA?

Students after the 12th can take entrance exams such as CUET, IP MAT, etc. for BBA admission. They can also take up college-specific entrance exams for BBA such as UBSAT.

2. Are BBA entrance exams tough?

If the student has prepared based on the syllabus for the BBA entrance exam, then the BBA entrance exams are not tough. Try understanding the syllabus, study completely and practise more to make the BBA entrance exam much easier.

3. How should I prepare for the BBA entrance exam?

Here are the steps to prepare for the BBA entrance exam:

  • Know the syllabus
  • Study the complete syllabus
  • Revise regularly
  • Practice harder

4. What is the career scope after BBA?

There is a significant career scope after BBA as there is increasing demand for business management and administration professionals in the expanding business world.

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