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Shaista is an aspiring content creator passionate about making videos on her YouTube channel, Shaista Corner. She has been working tirelessly to create engaging and informative content for her audience, but despite having over 300 videos on her channel, she is still relatively unknown in the world of YouTube.

Shaista Corner Biography:

Shaista resides in Karachi and is a proud mother of five children, two daughters, and three sons. Her youngest son, Izaan Abbas, is her dearest one and often appears in her videos, entertaining her audience with his cute talks. Balancing her personal and professional life can be challenging, but Shaista is determined to pursue her passion for creating content on YouTube.

NameShaista Corner
Date Of Birth5th October 1975
Birth Place/ HometownLarkana
Zodiac SignHoroscope
ProfessionYoutuber | Content Creator
QualificationBSCS political science
Martial StatusMarried
Children2 Daughter & 3 Sons
Personal Detail

Shaista’s Family

 Shaista is a role model for all women. Shaista is a younger, brave, mature, brilliant Influencer who is additionally supporting her husband.  Her husband is a Her husband & family is so supportive. She also helps and supports her husband.

Husband nameQalandar Bux Chandio
Children nameupdated soon
Family Detail

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Despite putting in a lot of effort to promote her channel, Shaista faces stiff competition in a saturated market. She continues to put in the work, creating high-quality content that provides value to her viewers. She has developed a unique style of presenting, and her videos showcase her creativity and talent.

Shaista’s content covers a wide range of topics, including cooking, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Her videos are informative, and she provides detailed explanations, making it easy for her viewers to follow along. However, gaining traction on YouTube can be challenging, and despite her efforts, she is yet to achieve the level of success that she desires.

Shaista is aware that building a successful YouTube channel takes time, patience, and consistency. She is continually learning and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of content creation. She is yet to achieve the level of success she desires on the platform. However, Shaista remains optimistic and continues to work hard, confident that her efforts will one day pay off. Shaista is still struggling to achieve success and become a well-known YouTuber.

Shaista’s motivation to become a YouTuber was driven by her desire for independence. At the age of 45, she wanted to become financially independent and work on something she was passionate about. Being a homemaker, she felt that she had a lot of knowledge to share and could help other homemakers with her creative ideas and tips.

Shaista works hard to create unique and engaging content for her audience. Her videos are well-produced and informative, with a personal touch that connects with her viewers. She provides valuable tips and advice, making it easy for her audience to follow along. Despite her efforts, Shaista is struggling to gain traction on YouTube, which can be a challenging platform to break into.

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Despite the challenges, Shaista remains committed to becoming a successful YouTuber. She continues to produce high-quality content and promote her channel on social media. She participates in collaborations with other creators, attends workshops and seminars, and seeks feedback to improve her content.

Shaista’s passion for homemaking and her willingness to learn and adapt makes her a unique and valuable content creator. As she continues to work towards her goal of becoming financially independent, she inspires others to pursue their passions and work hard towards achieving their dreams.

Neglecting the fact of challenges she faces, Shaista remains committed to her goals and continues to work hard towards becoming a successful YouTuber. She is an inspiration to others who are pursuing their passions and trying to make their mark in the world of content creation.

Social Media Handle of Shaista Corner.

YoutubeShaista Corner
Social Media Account

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Shaista Corner?

She is 45 years old.

Is Shaista married?


How many children does Shaista have?

5 Children. 3 Sons & 2 Daughters.

What is the name of shaista’s husband?

Her husband’s name is Qalandar Bux Chandio.

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