Questions to Ask to Find Your Favourite Coffee

Beginning to discover coffee can be intimidating and stressful; whether you’re starting fresh, or have been drinking the same kind for years. Stores or websites offering so many variations that it becomes overwhelming to choose the next cup you should drink – that’s why we compiled some questions to help navigate this complicated world of caffeine!

What is my budget?

Figuring out your budget for coffee purchases is the first step toward selecting an appropriate blend. Before committing, conduct research into bean prices and other ingredients so your budget remains realistic.

What type of coffee do I like?

Different varieties of coffee offer various levels of sweetness, acidity, aroma and bitterness; knowing what kind of taste profile appeals most will enable you to select the beans of choice. Perhaps sampling different samples to see which you like the most.

Where do I want to buy my coffee?

Are you searching for ethically sourced beans, something more local, pre-ground coffee beans or the convenience of buying pre-ground beans? Being knowledgeable of where your favourite beans originate will enable you to make an informed decision when selecting them.

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How do I want to prepare my coffee?

Are you seeking an easy, low-maintenance coffee brewing method, or something more involved and complex? Deliberating on this will help narrow down your options.

What kind of strength do I prefer?

Does your coffee tend toward light and mild or bold and strong? Understanding your preferred flavor profile will allow you to select the appropriate beans. If this is your first experience with coffee, start off light before moving towards darker roasts.

Which region is right for me?

Coffee beans have vastly different flavour profiles depending on where they’re grown, so knowing which region you prefer can help you find your ideal cup. Give various coffees from each region a try until you discover which is your favourite! Here is an introduction to three popular coffee producing regions and their respective results:

  • Central and South America: These regions produce medium to light bodied coffees that are known for their balance of sweetness, acidity, and body.
  • East Africa: Coffee from this region typically boasts bold and acidic tones with notes of berries, citrus fruit, honey and floral aromas.
  • Indonesia: Indonesian coffees are famous for their full body and low acidity levels, along with bold cocoa, spice, earthiness, and nuttiness flavors.

Whether you want something from far away or the best coffee in Byron Bay, knowing the answers to these questions will help you find the ideal coffee for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment – after all, that’s half the fun of discovering your favourite coffee.

What do I drink coffee for?

Consider why you’re drinking coffee before starting. Are you seeking an invigorating morning start or something more relaxing and soothing? Knowing which effect you desire from your cup will help narrow down the options to find one best suited to you. Furthermore, bear in mind that roast strength has an impactful on how these elements mix with one another in your cup.

Why not discover something new today?

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