Is Josh Kiszka Gay? Josh Kiszka Publicly Announces He is Gay!

Who is Josh Kiszka?

Josh Kiszka is widely recognized as the charismatic frontman of American rock band Greta Van Fleet and for his powerful vocals and captivating performances. Born April 23, 1996 in Michigan to musical parents, Josh has always had a deep-seated passion for music that fuelled him all his life. Inspired by classic rock, Kiszka has led the band since its formation in 2012 and contributed to the band’s acclaimed albums “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” and “The Battle at Garden’s Gate”.

Attribute Details
Full Name Josh Kiszka
Real Name Joshua Kiszka
Profession Singer, Writer, Composer, Lyricist, Social Media Influencer
Known for Member Of Greta Van Fleet’
Date of Birth 23 April 1996
Birthplace Michigan, the United States
Age 25 years old
Hometown Frankenmuth, Michigan, the United States
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Polish, Irish
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Taurus

Is Josh Kiszka Gay?

Kiszka courageously disclosed his sexuality on Instagram through an emotive post that showcased an eight-year long, loving same-sex relationship he’s been involved with, with no apparent termination in sight. Living in Tennessee where LGBTQ+ rights have come under attack due to proposed legislation, Kiszka felt it imperative to express himself publicly about these concerns: stating: ‘Reshaping perceptions and attitudes across Tennessee and throughout America will allow us to make tangible strides forward.”

Reaction to Kiszka’s Announcement

Kiszka’s announcement has been received with much love and support from fans and fellow musicians alike. Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford, who is also openly gay, congratulated Kiszka, saying, “I love you, Josh!” Many fans have also expressed their admiration for Kiszka’s courage and resilience.

Josh Kiszka’s Partner and Relationship

Kiszka revealed on social media that he has been in an eight-year same-sex relationship. While Kiszka did not disclose any further information regarding his partner in this post, his decision to come forward and share this piece of his life represents both an incredible personal milestone and an historic step for LGBTQ+ community worldwide.

Greta Van Fleet and Its Lead Singer

Since forming in 2012, Greta Van Fleet has seen considerable success, often compared to the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. With Kiszka as their frontman, they have produced two successful albums and gained a large following. Kiszka’s recent announcement adds another layer to the band’s narrative, highlighting the intersection of personal identity and public life in the music industry.

Future of LGBTQ+ Rights in Tennessee

Kiszka’s announcement underscores Tennessee and worldwide struggles for LGBTQ+ rights, emphasizing their need for legal protections and equal treatment from government as part of an effective equality agenda. His decision to come out at this momentous juncture serves as an act of protest, calling attention to their cause – all while serving as a call-to-action reminder that equality rights for the community cannot exist only within borders but worldwide as well.


Josh Kiszka’s coming out is an inspiring demonstration of courage and commitment to LGBTQ+ rights, serving as an inspirational message that love knows no boundaries; everyone should have access to loving freely.

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