How to Get the Best Deals on Xfinity Internet and Mobile

Comcast has been hard at work making Xfinity a one-stop service to meet America’s connectivity and entertainment needs. It’s been building the 10G network to provide symmetrical speeds via cable—multi-gig speeds are already available in some areas. Since 2017, Xfinity has also been operating as a cellular service provider, leveraging its WiFi hotspots to allow customers to conserve data.

A new offer available through Xfinity customer service adds an Unlimited Intro mobile line to Xfinity Internet for free. Keep reading to learn more about this promotion and other ways to get the best deals with Xfinity.

Tips for Choosing the Best Xfinity Deals

Take Advantage of the Latest Offers 

Xfinity has consistently been introducing new offers and promotions, each more exciting than the last. The latest offer includes a free Xfinity Unlimited Intro mobile line and WiFi equipment with 400 Mbps internet for 24 months. The plan only costs $55 a month, with a 24-month price lock and no term contract.

The Unlimited Intro mobile line includes 20 GB of high-speed data and unlimited texts and calls. You can still access the internet after consuming 20 GB of data at slower speeds. It also includes unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data.

The plan comes with xFi, Xfinity’s WiFi service that otherwise costs $15 a month. xFi includes Advanced Security and xFi Gateway, which is a modem and a router designed into one device. 

Xfinity’s 400 Mbps internet is already discounted with this promotion. The added free services amount to a $60 value every month for 24 months. It doesn’t get better than this.

Save With the Affordable Connectivity Program

As a participant in FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), Xfinity allows qualifying households to save up to $30 per month towards their Xfinity Internet and Mobile services. Households in Tribal Lands can save up to $75 a month.

If you don’t want to get internet with ACP, Xfinity still has affordable internet options for qualifying households. Xfinity’s Internet Essentials and Internet Essentials Plus plans only cost $9.95 and $29.99 a month for speeds up to 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps respectively. However, these speeds are slower than Xfinity’s high-speed internet plans currently available at attractive promotional rates.

Opt For Autopay and Paperless Billing

Xfinity gives you a discount of up to $10 on your monthly bill when you sign up for automatic payments and paperless billing. This discount is included in Xfinity’s promotional prices, so if you want internet service at prices you see on Xfinity’s buy flow, make sure to choose your payment method accordingly.

The discount is $10 per month when you sign up with a checking or savings bank account and $5 when you sign up with a debit or credit card. The discount is removed if you unenroll from autopay or paperless billing.

Get Discounts with Term Contracts

Xfinity doesn’t require a term contract with any internet or mobile plan. However, the promotional rates are further discounted if you get an internet plan with a term contract.

Xfinity doesn’t throttle internet speed for individual users. It may slow down speeds during peak usage times to prevent network congestion, but that’s the same for everyone. Your internet experience is going to be the same whether you choose a term contract or not.

If you think you’re going to stay with Xfinity for at least a few years, consider choosing an internet plan with a term contract for further discounts.

Choose a Plan with xFi

xFi is a WiFi service for Xfinity Internet customers that includes an xFi Gateway router/modem, Advanced Security. It also includes the Xfinity app for network management and parental controls. The latest xFi Gateway employs the most advanced WiFi and modem technologies of today, namely WiFi 6E and DOCSIS 3.1.

xFi currently costs $15 a month. But some Xfinity internet plans include xFi at no additional cost for the promotion period. 

You can also get xFi Complete which includes unlimited data, Advanced Security with Xfinity WiFi hotspots, and the option to upgrade the Gateway every three years. xFi Complete currently costs $25 per month. But with internet plans that include xFi, you can upgrade to xFi Complete and only pay the difference between the two services, which is currently $10 a month.

Install it Yourself

Xfinity gives you four installation options. Here are the options with their charges:

  • Self-installation kit: $15.00
  • Self-installation kit with priority shipping: $29.95
  • Self-Install Plus: $39.99
  • Professional Installation: $100

The self-installation kit includes everything you need to set up your in-home WiFi. It also includes instructions on how to download the app, log into your account, and activate the Gateway. 

If you choose the Self-Install Plus option, a technician will deliver the equipment and make sure the line outside your home is working. If there’s an issue, they’ll fix it immediately. You’ll perform the indoor installation yourself.

With the Professional Installation option, a technician will set up the internet connection and in-home WiFi entirely. If you chose the Self-Install Plus option but later need to have a technician set up the Gateway, you can get professional installation for $100 and the Self-Install Plus fee ($39.99) will be refunded.

Installing the router is pretty straightforward if you’re familiar with installing apps, signing into accounts, and scanning QR codes. Choose one of the self-installation options and save up to $85.

Buy Your Own Router and Modem

Your Xfinity internet plan may include xFi Gateway for free for a limited time. After the promotion period, you’ll be paying the standard monthly rent of the leased device, which is currently $15 a month. Although xFi is convenient and feature-full, you’ll save more with your own router and modem in the long run.

xFi Gateway will cost $180 a year with its current rates. You can get a pretty decent WiFi 6E router and a DOCSIS 3.1 modem for under $300. However, you won’t retain Advanced Security and you won’t be able to manage the network through the Xfinity app with your own equipment. 

Use Xfinity Hotspots Whenever Possible

Whether you’re on a By the Gig mobile plan on an Unlimited one, Xfinity’s WiFi hotspots will help you conserve data and eliminate the need to upgrade the plan. You can set up the Xfinity app to automatically connect to Xfinity’s secure hotspots whenever you’re in range. 

Xfinity also has hotspots that are open for public use but are less secure. Your phone won’t connect to these automatically. You can still connect manually for less sensitive tasks such as streaming and using social media. 

Work With Xfinity Customer Service

Xfinity’s offer details and prices vary from location to location. Some promotions are only offered in some areas—you may miss out on the best deals in your area if you only read articles written for Xfinity’s services in the entire US. 

Your best bet is to talk to someone from Xfinity customer service, who’ll tell you about the latest promotions currently being offered in your area.

Xfinity Internet Deals for New Customers

Here are some of the latest and the best internet deals for homes that don’t currently have Xfinity:

Connect: Includes 75 Mbps internet at $30 per month with a promotional period of 12 months and no term contract.

Connect More: Includes 200 Mbps internet and free WiFi equipment at $35 per month with a promotional period of 24 months and no term contract.

Fast: Includes 400 Mbps internet, an Unlimited Intro mobile line, and free WiFi equipment at $55 per month with a promotional period of 24 months and no term contract.

Superfast: Includes 800 Mbps internet and free WiFi equipment at $65 per month with a promotional period of 24 months and a two-year term contract.

Gigabit: Includes 1000 Mbps internet and free WiFi equipment at $75 per month with a promotional period of 24 months and a two-year term contract.

Gigabit Extra: Includes 1200 Mbps internet and free WiFi equipment at $80 per month with a promotional period of 24 months and a two-year term contract.

Xfinity Mobile Deals for New Customers

Here are the latest deals on Xfinity mobile plans for new customers. 

By the Gig: Pay By the Gig and share data across multiple devices. 1 GB costs $15 per month, 3 GB costs $30 per month, and 10 GB costs $60 per month.

Unlimited Intro: Includes 20 GB 5G/4G data, unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data, and SD streaming. Costs $45 per month for one line and $30 per month for two or more lines.

Unlimited Plus: Includes 30 GB 5G/4G data, 5GB 5G/4G mobile hotspot data, and HD streaming. Costs $55 per month for one line and $40 per month for two or more lines.

Unlimited Premium: Includes 50 GB 5G/4G data, 15GB 5G/4G mobile hotspot data, and HD streaming. Costs $65 per month for one line and $50 per month for two or more lines.

In a Nutshell

Xfinity is promoting some exciting offers on internet and mobile plans while its wide range of options allow customers to customize plans according to their budget and unique needs. Xfinity internet plans with free WiFi equipment and a mobile line deliver the most value. 


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