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In the world of hair fashion, African American women are always looking for exquisite hair collections tailored to suit their fashion needs. If you are in this category, your best option is buying African American wigs to suit any of your hair needs. In this article, we will unravel specific benefits that make African American wigs a must-have for confident and modern women. 

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  • Best-selling African American wigs from Luvme Hair
  • How to choose the right African American wig for you
  • How to style and maintain your African American wigs
  • Why Luvme Hair
  • Conclusion

Best-selling African American wigs from Luvme Hair

Wet and wavy: throw on & go. A deep wavy hair that is fluffy and has a soft texture, with features such as:

  • A protective wig cap and scalp saver. 
  • It is available in a high ponytail and bun with a secure headband. 
  • 100% human hair, no glue or lace. 
  • Can be dyed
  • Available in different lengths (14 inches to 20 inches)

 Bob wig: This is lightweight, clueless hair with regular lace. It has features such as: 

  • A silky blunt cut
  • 4×4 closure
  • Available in 14 to 26-inches
  • 100% human hair
  • It can be dyed. 

Water waves long wig: its features include: 

  • 13×4 glueless frontal hd lace
  • 100% human hair
  • Available in various lengths(14 to 26 inches)

Afro curly wig: Its features include: 

  • Glueless free parting
  • 13×4 undetectable and invisible lace frontal wig
  • Super transparent lace
  • Available in various lengths (14 to 26 inches)
  • Flawless melt with scalp
  • Soft texture

 Silky straight: Its features include: 

  • 13×4 frontal with undetectable HD lace
  • Glueless long wig
  • 100% human hair
  • Available in different lengths(16 to 30 inches)

Curled Brown mix black/ Natural black with C parting. Has features such as: 

  • Stylish C parting refines your facial features
  • Glueless loose wave
  • 5×5 closure wig with bangs
  • Color brightens up your face
  • 100% human hair

Natural black roll: A curly 4×4 glueless closure with C parting. Its features include: 

  • Short wig
  • 100% human hair
  • Soft, natural black hair
  • Available only in 12 inches

How to choose the Right African American Wig for you


When deciding on the right kind of African American wig for you, you need to consider various factors such as:

Hair Texture: when choosing a human hair wig, you need to consider the texture of the hair, as hair texture plays a significant role in achieving a natural look. Opt for one that closely matches your natural hair to enhance genuineness, and African American comes in various hair textures from silky straight to deep curly and everything in between. By selecting a wig with a texture similar to that of your hair, you can achieve a seamless blend and enhance your overall appearance. 

Hair Quality: Another major factor to consider when choosing the best human hair wig is the quality of the hair itself. Human hair wigs of high quality provide a more realistic look and durability. Wigs made of low quality tend to tangle easily, shed excessively, or have an unnatural sheen. Investing in a high-quality wig ensures longevity and can boost your enthusiasm.

Type of wig: Whether it’s curly, straight, or wavy, African American hair exists in various types of human hair wigs. 

Length and Color:  Consider the wig’s length and color, bearing in mind your personal preferences and lifestyle. 

Consider the hair density and volume: The density of a human hair wig refers to how thick the hair is. The amount of hair that is present on the wig cap. African American hairs are naturally thick and voluminous, so it’s important to choose a wig with the appropriate density to match your natural hair or desired style. A higher density will give a fuller look, while a lower density will give a more natural and lightweight appearance.

Cap Construction: Explore various cap constructions for comfort, and ensure you pay attention to the quality of materials used. 

Lastly, consider the shape of your face to find a wig that enhances your features and provides you with a confident look.

How to Style and Maintain your African American wigs

Adequate care is essential to maintain and prolong the lifespan of your human hair wig. Through the following ways, you can ensure that your wig remains in excellent condition: 

Regular Cleaning and Conditioning Your Wig: Ensure you use specialized wig shampoos and conditioners or sulfate-free products and gently wash your wig in cold water. Avoid rubbing or twisting your wig, as it may cause tangling. Rinse the wig thoroughly and apply a conditioner to keep the hair soft and shiny. After washing and conditioning, pat the wig gently to dry with a towel and allow it to air dry on a wig stand or mannequin. Avoid using excessive heat or direct sunlight to prevent damage to the hair fibers.

Styling and Protecting Your Wig: When styling your wig, it is essential not to use heat styling tools, but where necessary, use caution and heat protectants as excess heat can damage the hair fibers. When your hair is not in use, place it on a wig stand or mannequin to ensure its shape is maintained.

Where to Get Quality African American wigs

When it comes to getting high-quality human hair wigs, Luvme Hair is your trusted plug. They offer various wig options, and you get to choose the one that suits your style. You can also read the customer reviews provided as they provide excellent customer service. You can also follow their social media pages to get the latest updates and deals from Luvme Hair. 

Whichever option you choose, ensure that you research the reputation of the physical store or online website. Read customers’ reviews as they provide reliable information. 


How long can the hair last? 

The longevity depends on how well it is cared for. With regular conditioning,  the wig can last anywhere between 6 months to more than a year. 

Can I dye the hair? 

Yes, you can. They are 100% human hair, although it is recommended that this process is done by a professional to avoid damage to the hair. 

How frequently should I wash my hair? 

It is recommended to wash your wig every 1-2 weeks. 

How should I store my hair? 

It’s best if you store your hair on a hair stand or mannequin to maintain its shape and style.

Why Luvme Hair

When it comes to getting high-quality human hair wigs, Luvme Hair is your trusted wig brand. They offer various wig options, and you get to choose the one that suits your style. In addition, this article contains some important benefits that will convince you to choose an African American Wig.


There are tons of African American wig styles out there; choosing one shouldn’t be hard after reading this guide. Ensure you go for the one that gives you an elegant and distinctive look while being comfortable. 

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