Benefits of Eating Organic Vegetables: Why Choose Organic Vegetables?

Every one of us wants to be healthy, and mainly it starts with the food and consume on a daily basis. We eat thrice a day and even consume some snacks in the mid-morning and evening. When even two of the snack or food seems to be unhealthy, then there starts the problem in our bodies. It is important to take healthy foods for making our body totally fit and healthy. 

When it comes to pulses, dals, rice, etc., there are a lot of chemicals added, which is to keep them away from insects and pesticides. The same applies to fruits and vegetables. Today, there are a lot of fertilizers, herbicides, and other pests available, which help in prolonging the lifetime or period of vegetable life. It is important to go with chemical-free and natural kinds of veggies and fruits to put natural and organic foods into our bodies. Especially when it comes to south indian recipes or menus, tomatoes and onions play a major role in almost all the dishes. So, make sure to pick the organic ones considering the health benefits.

Benefits of Eating Organic Vegetables:

  1. There are a lot of nutrients available while consuming organic vegetables. To get the maximum out of them, you could get the maximum benefits out of them.
  2. Because they are completely natural and organic, it works better in the environment.
  3. Helps in keeping you both physically and mentally fit and positive.
  4. Flavourful, even if they last for only a certain time period.
  5. Helps in building growth and immunity in one’s body.
  6. Provides safe nutrition for kids.
  7. Does not cause damage to the body and the surroundings.
  8. Rich in Anti-oxidants
  9. Supports Agriculturists.

Ways to Store Vegetables:

When you are storing vegetables, make sure to check the type of vegetables.

  • While storing onions and tomatoes, you can just spread them in an open space so that they dont get rotten soon.
  • When it comes to mushy veggies like tomatoes and brinjal, keep them in the fridge wrapped in a cover or basket.
  • Storing others like carrots, capsicum, beetroot, etc., you should wrap them in vegetable bags or cotton cloth bags and store in the vegetable trays on the fridge.
  • Garlic – One of the versatile products which gives positive benefits to the body. Rather than keeping them as a whole, separate the cloves and put them in a basket. They last for a longer period of time.

Tips while storing vegetables:

  1. Using them within a week will help in avoiding waste and keeping nutrition.
  2. If you have cut them and stored the remaining half in the fridge, make sure to wrap them up with a cotton bag or plastic wrap, to retain their healthy nature.
  3. Also, use the half-stored veggies as soon as possible
  4. While storing coriander, and mint, pack them in an airtight container, with tissues above and below the box so that they absorb the excess water present or secreted while storing in the refrigerator
  5. You can get organic vegetables online from branded stores at even an affordable price.

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