10 Best And Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the greatest assets that nature has bestowed on this country. There are many places that are the most beautiful places in Pakistan that one should visit. It’s been more than 70 years since Pakistan got independence and since then Pakistan has attracted millions of tourists. Pakistan is blessed with some of the most gorgeous and beautiful places on earth that one can visit. Nature has blessed Pakistan with 8 out of the world’s 20 tallest mountains, one of the most beautiful beaches, and much more. Also, the northern areas of Pakistan are among the most beautiful areas of Pakistan.

Pakistan has faced terrorism for a long period. Moreover, western media showed a very bad image of Pakistan, and because of that Pakistan faced a reduction in the number of tourists. But thanks to Pakistan Army and Intelligence Agencies, Pakistan has overcome terrorism, and now the tourism industry in Pakistan is growing rapidly and a number of people are coming to Pakistan.

In this article, we will show you some of the most beautiful and breathtaking places in Pakistan. If you are a tourist then you should visit each of these places.  Some of the best and most beautiful places in Pakistan are mentioned below and these places should be your top tourist destinations in Pakistan.

List of Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan

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beautiful places in pakistan Skardu
Skardu, Pakistan

I must say that Skardu is the most beautiful valley in the center of Gilgit Baltistan and is full of serenity, beauty, and wilderness. Views of some of the largest mountains like K2, broad peak, Gasherbrum, and Nanga Parbat can be seen from this valley, and also paths to these mountains are connected through this valley. In Skardu, there is a cold desert that attracts thousands of tourists. It is also the epitome of the most beautiful lakes that including Shangrila lake, Upper and Lower Kachura lake, Sheosar lake, and many more. Deosai Plains are also here in Skardu where there you may see a rare Himalayan brown bear. Due to all these things Skardu is one of the best places to visit in pakistan northern areas.


beautiful places in pakistan hunza
Hunza Pakistan

This is one of the most beautiful and attractive places in Pakistan and is probably the most visited place, by visitors. It is also known as heaven on earth. Hunza is situated in Gilgit Baltistan and is surrounded by the most beautiful snowcapped mountains. Hunza is the center of tourism in Pakistan. One of the biggest and most beautiful lakes in Pakistan is here in Hunza. Attabad lake is also situated in Hunza. This lake was a result of an earthquake. There are more beautiful places like Karimabad Villages, Altit & Baltit fort, Rakaposhi & Nanga Parbat view, passu cones, and many more.

Neelum Valley

visit pakistan neelum valley
Neelum valley, Pakistan

This Valley is located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, and is one of the most attractive and gorgeous places in Pakistan. Amazing and Excellent panoramic views of green & attractive hills on both sides of the Neelum river, adorable surroundings, lush green forests, and a peaceful environment make this valley the heaven on earth. Some of the most enticing and adorable towns of Neelum valley are Arang Kel, Taobat, Keran, and Tehjian. Neelum valley is also blessed with some of the most alluring and attractive lakes which are Ratti Gali, Chitta Katha. With so much beauty we rank Neelum valley as one of the best places in Pakistan.

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley Pakistan
Kumrat Valley, Pakistan

There are many adorable, beautiful, and attractive places in Pakistan, that one must explore. Kumrat valley is one of them. So many Pakistanis haven’t heard about this valley but I’m sure that it could be your next tourist destination. Kumrat valley is located near Upper Dir in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(a province of Pakistan). The environment and people of this valley are very peaceful. Kumrat valley is also one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. It is also one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan. Some of the most pretty and alluring places to explore in this area are Katora lake, Jahaz Banda, Bara dand lake, Do kala chashma, Dojanga, and many more.


beautiful Islamabad
Islamabad, Pakistan

If you want to travel to Pakistan then Islamabad should be one of the first tourist destinations. As the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is a must-go tourist destination for both foreigners and local tourists. Islamabad is ranked 2nd in the list of the top most beautiful capitals of the world. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan and probably one of the most beautiful capitals of the world that has so much to offer. Islamabad is also among the safe places to visit in Pakistan. Some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Islamabad are the Pakistan monument, Lok virsa museum, Shah Faisal Mosque, Margala hills, Damn-e-koh, Rawal lake, and many more.

Kalam Valley

kalam Pakistan
kalam valley, Pakistan

This valley in Swat KPK has been one of the tops chosen travel destinations for thousands of Pakistanis and foreigners. A lot of people love to travel to this place due to its beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes, and scenic views. Kalam valley is the most known and visited valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is also one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan’s province of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. Some of the most stunning and heavenly places in Kalam are Ushu forest, Mahodand lake, Bluewater, Jag banal meadows, Boyun Village, Kundol lake, and many more.

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba most beautiful pakistan
Malam Jabba, Pakistan

This is one of the coolest places in Pakistan and the only ski resort in Pakistan. It is located near Mingora, KPK. Malam Jabba is the epicenter of most foreign and local tourists. Most of the tourists go there to enjoy its lush green hills, stunning meadows, views of top mountain ranges, gentle slopes, pine forests, and ski resorts. This place remains covered with snow most of the time and tourists come here to entertain themselves by skiing. Some of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan’s Malam Jabba are Fizagat, Yakh tangai kandao, swat museum, and many more.


Lahore Pakistan
Lahore, Pakistan

This Capital of Punjab is a city full of history and culture. If you want to visit Punjab, the 2nd largest province of Pakistan, then you must visit this city. Lahore is the capital of Punjab that offers beautiful architecture from back during the Mughal era, interesting Museums, historical universities and mosques, and much more. Culture and food here are the most famous in the whole of Pakistan. The capital of Punjab is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan’s province Punjab. Some of the most famous places here in Lahore are Badshahi mosque, Lahore fort, Wazir Khan mosque, Government College University, Walled city of Lahore, Food street, Data Darbar, Wagah border, and many more.

Naltar Valley

most beautiful naltar
Naltar Valley, Pakistan

Skiing heaven, Naltar valley is a beautiful valley near Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan. It is a peaceful and cold forest pine village that is known for its magnificent mountain scenery, snow-covered hills, and wildlife animals. Communication was not possible there but thanks to the efforts made by the Pakistan army signal corps SCO (special communication organization), who made this possible to go there and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Some of the most beautiful places to visit in Pakistan’s Naltar valley are Satrangi lake, ski resorts, blue lake, dhudia lake, wildlife animal museum, and many more.


beautiful gwadar pakistan
Gwadar, Pakistan

This port of Balochistan is a developing port city located on the southwestern coast of Baluchistan, Pakistan. At first, this city was not a part of Pakistan. In 1958 Pakistan purchased Gwadar from Oman for almost $3.6 million. Gwadar had not been able to offer its liveliness to people and only a few people used to visit this area but thanks to CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), People started going there and then they realized how beautiful this area is. Gwadar is full of clean & blue beaches, ancient rocks, and a big beautiful port. Some of the beautiful places in Gwadar are Hammerhead, Astola Island, Ormara beach, Gwadar port, and many more.

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