Are Trina And Von Still Together? All Facts You Should Know!

Trina’s journey, from her rise to fame to her relationships, is nothing short of remarkable. Known for her striking personality and ability to captivate fans, Trina’s love life has also seen a fair share of attention. This article dives into the intricate details of Trina’s romantic history, from past relationships to her current status, and how these experiences have influenced her personal growth and music.

Trina: An Overview

Trina is a unique personality, characterized by her strong will, brilliant mind, and the inherent capability to navigate challenges. Her infectious energy is not only prevalent in her music but also seeps into her personal life, positively impacting those around her.

Trina’s empathy and kindness have endeared her to fans and loved ones alike. Her resilience and optimism serve as an inspiration to many, affirming that her influence extends beyond her music.

How Trina and Von Found Love

The story of Trina and Von Scales is one that is truly captivating. They met in 2019 through a blind date set up by mutual friends. Despite their prior heartbreaks, Trina and Von found solace and love in each other, laying the groundwork for their subsequent relationship.

Their first date was so successful that they decided to pursue their bond further. This blossoming relationship eventually led to their marriage, painting a beautiful picture of the power of second chances in love.

Are Trina and Von Still Together?

Since their wedding, Trina Braxton and Von Scales have remained united as a couple. Their journey, fraught with various obstacles and hurdles, has been a key narrative on “Braxton Family Values,” garnering the interest of fans worldwide.

Despite these difficulties, Trina and Von’s love has remained unwavering. Their story serves as a testament to the strength of love and the potential for lasting relationships amidst adversity.

Exploring Trina’s Past Relationships

Trina’s dating history includes high-profile relationships that have often made headlines. She was in a relationship with NBA player Kenyon Martin from 2007 to 2010. The pair was known for their public display of affection, with Martin even tattooing Trina’s lips on his neck.

After her relationship with Martin ended, Trina began dating rapper French Montana. The two, given their backgrounds in the entertainment industry, shared a unique bond, which they nurtured from 2012 to 2014.

These relationships, while not permanent, contributed significantly to Trina’s personal growth. They demonstrate that each relationship, irrespective of its length, impacts our lives and shapes our personal narratives.

Trina and Tory Lanez: A Tale of Unrequited Love?

Rumors surrounding Trina and Tory Lanez have often sparked interest among fans. However, Trina has maintained that her relationship with Lanez is purely platonic. Despite Lanez’s feelings for her, Trina stated that their relationship never evolved into a romantic one due to poor timing.

This friendship underscores the complexity of relationships, emphasizing that not all close bonds culminate in love. Trina’s experience with Lanez illustrates the need for clear boundaries and the acknowledgment that not every relationship follows a predetermined path.


Trina’s relationships have been as dynamic as her career. Although her love life has often been under the media’s scrutiny, Trina remains a resilient figure in the world of music. Her journey, marked by high-profile romances and personal growth, serves as a testament to her strength and determination. As she navigates her life and career, Trina continues to inspire many, reaffirming her status as the “Diamond Princess” of hip hop.

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