Alba Redondo Net Worth 2023, Know His Age, Height, Net Worth & More!

Who is Alba Redondo?

Alba Redondo is a highly celebrated Spanish professional footballer known for her extraordinary talent and skill on the pitch. Born on August 27, 1996, in Albacete, Spain, she has paved a path in the sport that is marked by dedication, technical finesse, and versatility. Redondo began her football journey at a young age, quickly attracting local clubs’ attention with her innate talent. Her professional career took off with Fundación Albacete Balompié, and her remarkable performance quickly brought her national recognition. This propelled her towards international fame when she debuted for the Spanish national team, La Roja. Redondo’s skillful dribbling, precise passing, and sharp goal-scoring instinct have cemented her as a vital player for the national team.

What is Alba Redondo’s Age?

Alba Redondo, born on August 27, 1996, is 26 years old. Growing up in Albacete, Spain, she began her football journey at a tender age, honing her skills in her hometown. As a Scorpio, she exhibits typical traits of determination and intensity, reflecting in her football style. Currently, in the prime of her career, Redondo has amassed considerable experience and expertise playing for top clubs and representing the Spanish national team. Her performances and contributions to women’s football continue to draw attention from football fans and experts globally.

How tall is Alba Redondo and what’s her weight?

Standing at approximately 5 feet 7 inches (168 cm), Alba Redondo displays a balanced physique, which significantly enhances her agility and reach on the field. Weighing about 63 kg (138 lbs), she possesses the required strength and stamina to withstand the physical challenges of the game. Her height and weight contribute to her versatility as a forward, winger, or attacking midfielder, maneuvering around defenders and through tight spaces with ease. However, it’s her skill set, tactical understanding, and determination that set her apart in the field.

What does Alba Redondo’s Biography tell us?

Alba Redondo’s biography paints a picture of a dedicated and talented footballer whose impact on the game is indelible. From an early age, Redondo demonstrated a deep passion and natural flair for football. Making her professional debut with Fundación Albacete Balompié, she quickly showcased her exceptional skills and goal-scoring prowess. The talented forward made her mark on the international stage with the Spanish national team, where she quickly became a key player. In addition to her on-field achievements, Redondo has also been a prominent advocate for women’s sports and gender equality in football. Her off-field contributions have made her a respected figure in women’s football, serving as a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes worldwide.

What is Alba Redondo’s Nationality?

Alba Redondo holds Spanish nationality. Born and raised in Albacete, Spain, she was nurtured in a country with a deep-seated footballing culture. Her Spanish heritage played a significant role in shaping her journey as a footballer. Representing Spain on the international stage, Redondo has become a beacon of national pride. Her performances on the field resonate with fans and inspire the next generation of Spanish footballers, bolstering the already rich footballing legacy of Spain.

What does Alba Redondo’s Career look like?

Redondo’s football career is a captivating journey of determination, talent, and a host of remarkable achievements. Her passion for football began at a young age, quickly garnering attention from top clubs. Her debut with Fundación Albacete Balompié marked the beginning of a meteoric rise that culminated in her becoming a pivotal player for the Spanish national team. Renowned for her versatility, she has demonstrated prowess as a forward, winger, and attacking midfielder. Alongside her contributions to her clubs and the national team, Redondo has been instrumental in advocating for gender equality in sports, which is why her impact extends beyond the field.

What is Alba Redondo’s Net Worth?

As per our research, Alba Redondo’s estimated net worth stands at around $5 Million. This comes primarily from her successful career as a professional football player. Her significant contributions on the field and growing recognition have played a crucial role in enhancing her net worth. As one of Spain’s most notable footballers, her performances on the pitch continue to contribute to her net worth.


What is Alba Redondo’s net worth?
Alba Redondo, the renowned Spanish footballer, has an estimated net worth of $5 Million as of 2023, primarily accumulated from her professional soccer career.

How does Alba Redondo earn her money?
Alba Redondo’s main source of income stems from her professional football career, including salaries, tournament winnings, and endorsement deals.

Has Alba Redondo’s net worth increased in recent years?
Yes, Alba Redondo’s net worth has increased in recent years due to her growing reputation and success in professional soccer.

What contributes to Alba Redondo’s net worth?
Alba Redondo’s net worth comes from her professional football career, including her salary from club contracts, national team stipends, endorsements, and other commercial deals.

Does Alba Redondo have any other sources of income apart from football?
While Alba Redondo’s primary income source is football, she might also earn from endorsements, sponsorship deals, and other commercial ventures.

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