3 Tips To Get The Best Deal When Shopping For Used Clothing and Shoe

Most of the clothes and shoes that have not reached the end of their lifecycle end up in a recycle bin and eventually in a landfill. However, consumerist lifestyles and the pressures of fast fashion force people to discard them without giving them a second thought. 

However, all that is discarded is not wasted, and fortunately, some recyclers use used clothes and shoes. Sellers of wholesale used clothing and shoes ensure proper treatment of old clothes and accessories before weighing and re-packaging them for wholesale buyers.

Things To Look Out For When Buying Used Items

Reusing old items is a great proposition because it is economical and environmentally friendly. However, buying used items requires careful inspection. Quite often, inexperienced buyers are befooled and feel cheated when buying old items. So here are a few tips to help you land a great deal when shopping for old items.

Look For Tears, Stains, And Odors

The biggest fear when buying used items is that they will have tears, stains, or bad odor on them. Most wholesale bulk sellers carefully inspect each item while putting them into packaging bales. However, if you are shopping from a garage sale, then you must be careful to inspect every item very carefully. 

Most often, potential buyers feel embarrassed to check every pocket, button, or lace. But, when buying a product and paying the quoted price, there should be no shame in demanding good quality products. So feel free to check every pocket, stitch, and button before purchasing a secondhand item. Also, smell the dress and shoes before purchasing to avoid buying an unpleasant dress.

Read Customer Reviews And Pay Attention To The Ratings

Before you purchase from a store that sells second-hand items, read the reviews. If it is an online store, read what the customers have to say about the after-sales service, the quality of items, etc. Likewise, if it’s a physical store, make a purchase when a friend recommends a place and vouches for the quality of its items. Also, if you are a first-time customer, buy a single item and use it to assess the quality for yourself. 

Pay Attention To The Fit

A dress you pick from the store will not fit you perfectly. Pay close attention to the fit unless you want to make some other object, like soft toys out of old clothes. When you buy a new dress or shoe, you ensure you are comfortable wearing it. Likewise, when you buy second-hand shoes, you must pay no less attention to how it fits. Is it too tight or too loose?


Every time you buy secondhand clothes, you should use customer ratings, reviews, and company history to gauge the kind of product a secondhand item seller will provide. Even if you are satisfied with the customer reviews and ratings, you should check each item carefully before purchasing.

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